Wind Power and Solar Power Generators

Keep that “green finger” fresh with the help of Generator South Africa, we do all types of Wind Power and Solar Power Generators/ Turbines.

Wind Power Generators uses Turbines to convert kinetic engergy into mechnical energy which creates electricity. Mainly used for homes with enough space and especially on farms and mines. It’s fairly inexpensive to maintain and service, but does not yield the same amount of electricity as many of the others forms of Generators ( fuel into power). You get wind turbines manufactured in manyvertical and horizontal types these days, but you do need to live in the right area in order to get the benifits of Wind Power!


Solar Power Generator is turning solar power into electrical power. We have come a long way from the older times, where solar power generators are more of an affordable power solution. Home solar power units are supplied by us and installed within record time in order to save you time, thus saving you money! Most Solar power generators for Business use and home use is quiet, runs in the low risk factor and can be managed by yourself and maintained as well. Both solar power and wind power is deamed to be intermitted engery, thus you either need to use the energy immediatly or you need to store the energy for future use.You can also use Solare Power and Wind Power in easy to transport units for events or for when needed, but some preventative measures should be taken ( you need to store energy first).

Some of the models available:

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