Kipor Diesel Generators

The Kipor Generator family is one that strives for perfection and is at the forefront of technical designs made to save you money and time. There research and development is one that stands out in the Generator field and can be seen by there many happy customers. We provide Kipor Generators at below market retail and provide and package deal which includes servicing, maintenance and emergency calls 24/7!

Here is some of the various Kipor Diesel Generators we offer:

  • Kipor KGE series – is a all round family general purpose generator, it is well priced, has a digital display, low noise operating decibel, low oil alarm system and many more.

Download: KGE SERIES

  • Kipor Super Silent Series – is features a digital control panel, low noise, high uninterrupted power output, very well priced, automatic transfer switch and many more features.

Downloads: KDE 12STA | KDE 12STA03 | KDE 19STA | KDE 19STA03

  • Kipor ULTRA silent Series – Ultra Silent generator sets is an unprecedented 53dB@7m which will make it seem like there isnt a generator around. It has a double muffler system, strong sturdy build and is at the forefront of design in the generator field!

Downloads: KDE 13SS03 | KDE16SS | KDE20SS03 | KDE25SS | KDE35SS03 | KDE 60SS03 | KDE 100SS03


For more information or if you need a quote on some of these great offers on generators feel free to contact us for your quote!


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