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There are different types of generators that you would be able to find locally, some of them are diesel generators, solar power generators, petrol generators, gas generators and hydro generators. All of them do exactly the same thing: Generate Electricity for commercial and home use. Depending on what your budget is and the maintenance and servicing intervals it is up to you and your pocket. We see every year how Eskom cuts power to homes and businesses.


Diesel and Petrol Generators

Unlike the other Generators (solar, wind and hydro) it does not use renewable energy source to generate electricity but rather fuels like diesel and petrol to generate power. It is seen to be more costly to run due to the shorter intervals of servicing and maintenance of them is also very high, compared to the others, but it is more commonly used as the others needs a set source of renewable energy to function correctly. You tend to find lots of cheap generators as well.

Diesel Generators as well as Petrol Generators comes in all different sizes, makes and models to suit you need, you can have a large generator to use as back up power or a stand by generator for the unlikely event power does go out, then you would not be stranded. You have portable generators that serves for functions and events and can be used for a steady supply of energy for your home or business.

You have a variety of silent generators, which does not produce much noise due to the design and mechanics used. Kipor and Generator South Africa offers such models at lower than retail value to our customers, with a built in servicing and maintenance plan. Industrial Generators serves Commercial and Government purposes.

Solar Generators

This is the “new way forward” with new models coming out everyday that you can use in your home and business. The solar panel transfers the rays of the sun into energy by storing it within a type of renewable battery. Once the battery is fully charged you have “free” energy that you can use in your home and some companies are installing these for commercial use. It is said that after only 7 years your energy will be free from that point out, but it does comes with a cost to install.

The solar panels are put out of sight, on the roof or in a field, depending on application, so the “eyesore” of seeing them is never a reality. Some maintenance is needed for the solar panels and for the converter that is used, which distributes the energy,  but the costs of doing so is low!

Wind Power Generators aka turbine generators

Wind power generators uses renewable energy source, the wind, in order to generate power by using a turbine to create that electricity. Some folks say that it is the best way to generate cost effective electricity and many have used it on a larger scale by creating wind farms, something that South Africa is yet to catch on. The source of the energy is not stable therefor one cannot predict with 100% accuracy that there will be sufficient power to meet your needs unless the area the wind power generators are installed are areas that receives constant wind it is not suggested.

The wind power generator is designed with propellers attached to a long shaft and as the propellers turns it turns a turbine which in turn creates electricity and is stored or distributed by power lines or a “battery”.

Service and maintenance is fairly expensive due to the fact that most of the parts are designed with aero grade alu and the cost of such parts far outweigh that of the petrol and diesel generators. Most farms use the wind turbines to create and store energy for cattle and other uses on a smaller scale and comes at a lower cost than running the alternative.

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